Do You Need Cataract Surgery in Michigan

As you age, you may find it more difficult to read or see properly. If this is the case, you may wish to visit an eye doctor to see if you need cataract surgery in Rochester Hills, MI. Normally due to a buildup of proteins in the eye, cataracts are the result of eye disease or contact lens overuse, and they tend to bother some and not others.


First, visit your eye doctor and ask about cataract surgery. There are tests that can be performed that will help your doctor determine whether or not you have cataracts. If cataracts are found, then more tests will likely be done to make sure that there is a known source of the issue. If you do have cataracts, you also will need to discuss with your doctor whether or not you are a candidate to have cataract surgery done. Some people have cataracts that are not operable, and others have some that are simply not ready to be operated on yet. Then you will discuss whether or not you should have cataract surgery done based on how they are affecting your vision and your overall quality of life. As with any surgery, cataract surgery is a serious procedure, and everything needs to be taken into consideration.


If you do not elect to have cataract surgery performed, you should make sure that you make regular eye doctor appointments to monitor the progress of the cataracts.

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Dr. Hakimzadeh

Dr. Hakimzadeh

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